I hope everyone had a great break.  Now it’s time to get back to basketball.  We only had 2 of our teams play this weekend, 6th grade blue and 8th grade.  Both teams came home with wins, way to go Highlander’s.
Our Hazen Select All-Star of the week was RJ Apolonia of our 6th grade Blue team.  RJ was chosen for his exceptional leadership during a close victory on Sunday.  RJ will be sitting on the Varsity bench this Wed for the Hazen vs Kennedy game.  Way to go RJ.
I’ve also included the practice schedule again for those of you who might have erased the last email:
Monday: McKnight Auxillory gym
5-7 4th grade
7-9 8th grade
Tuesday: McKnight Auxillory gym
5-6 4th grade
6-7 6th grade
7-8 7th grade
8-9 8th grade
Friday:  Honey Dew
5:30-7  6th grade
7-8:30  7th grade
This is the practice schedule for the rest of the season.  Thanks